Monday, 7 June 2010

A New Start

Exams are over and school (well uni) is out for summer. I'm hoping to do quite a bit of writing over the summer. This is not only on here though dear reader! I have become once again involved in quite a nice little website called 'The Vibe' and have had an interesting discussion with an ardent Zionist over 'flotilla-gate' which you can see here. I'm also hoping to start work on a couple of my own books including one on the first crusade and a short novel. Exciting times.

Anyway we all know that we've now got a coalition government so it's not worth banging on about all that old news. It's great to have David Cameron as our PM and the coalition represents an exciting change in British politics. Although I felt that the agreement was drawn up rather hastily and Nick Clegg in the end was forced into acceptance by a resigning Gordon Brown I believe that it will last the whole five years.

On the other hand I hope that FPTP remains as our voting system by 2015 and I think this is just one area where the coalition partners will have to agree to disagree!

Hope you are all well and a lot of people who read this are also probably doing exams at the moment so good luck to you. For more regular updates follow me on twitter!