Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Right new blog for the first time in a couple of weeks but it's not going to be very long. In fact it's more of a test to see if this automatically gets posted on my twitter like I told it to.

Anyway the footballs just finished and I'm pleased to report a win for all the home nations (Wales doesn't count). Obviously being half Irish I like to see them do well also and I would certainly take 1-1 with the Italians. It's also good to see Robbie Keane slapping one home and keeping in form for the back end of Spurs season.

Despite this I'm a little disappointed by England. Of course the result is good and the press will be happy tomorrow but it would be a completely different story if it ended 1-1. The only player who showed any class was (dare I say it) Rooney and some of the tactical decisions by Capello were at best mystifying. Anyway best be off, apologies for the excessive tweeting during the football. I'll shush my mouth a bit more tomorrow