Monday, 6 April 2009

Newport 4-0 Fisher

Long trip to Wales waking up at 6am and still missing a train at 7.45. I mean the tubes at the weekend are so useless I could have walked to Paddington quicker! As a result I ended up on the 8.45 with Leyton Orient (not Milwall) fans on their way to Cheltenham. The smell of cheap alcohol at that time of the morning is sickening but was compensated late on in the journey by getting to see old people complain to the staff after they had got off :D

Newport's a lovely city and everything but nothing special and tbh I'm half glad I didn't have to wait around for ages. I found the ground and it's a good couple of miles from the city centre but a really nice sports complex. Whilst I waited there were other people playing sports in the vicinity. I picked the woman's hockey for reasons which are too obvious to mention.

There were 4 Fisher fans in all including me, the mascot, the mascot's dad and some other random guy. I didn't see them during the first half as I was going to do the traditional non-league thing of waiting behind the goal we were shooting at. This was pointless for 2 reasons. (1) there's an athletics track surrounding the pitch meaning 'behind the goal' is like 100 yds back (2) we didn't exactly threaten the county goal. I therefore positioned my self 3/4 of the way up the pitch and had a good view (see pics). I encouraged the team personally by name but my I gave up on 'COME ON FISHER!' after the first effort was derided by about 50 taffs.

We were never going to win but weren't helped when Chris Saunders got sent off after 10 mins. So final score 4 zip but a good day out.